Bomanite of Oklahoma introduces the Bomanite Antico Process to the world!!

Bomanite Antico process with look and feel of natural aging.

Absolutely unique in appearance and construction, concrete surface treated with the Antico process take on a completely different look and feel than ordinary concrete. Similar to the natural erosion and aging process that stone is subjected to over centuries of time, the Antico process can age concrete surfaces in a matter of hours. Used in conjunction with other Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems, the Antico process adds character and variegation not currently found in the decorative concrete marketplace.

The finished product resembles honed sandstone with character defining pits and fissures. When Bomanite Refined Antico used for cast in place concrete slabs, the Antico process allows the design community to create patterns of much larger dimensions than can be cost effectively achieved using stone slab. A major benefit when utilizing the process is the full range of standard colors along with customizable blends not readily available in natural stone. From white to black through blues and greens Refined Antico can compliment any décor.

Bomanite Antico in larger dimension designs

Bomanite refined Antico is very complimentary in appearance to pre-cast cladding with a similar sandy feel and appearance – only with more character. And similar to pre-cast cladding Bomanite Refined Antico is engineered to perform for decades with the life cycle associated with other Bomanite concrete systems such as Bomacron and Alloy.  When installed by Bomanite Licensed Craftsmen, Antico projects and even individual panels of concrete within the same project or pour are completely unique to each other with no one area the same as the next. Absolutely one of a kind paving is achievable using this process.

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