Bomanite of Oklahoma hosts a specialized Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Training


Furthering their commitment to the Decorative concrete industry, Bomanite of Oklahoma has continued to invest in its human resources and product offerings. Strategically positioned in the Oklahoma City area, Bomanite of Oklahoma hosted an exclusive training event sponsored by the Bomanite Company. All Bomanite systems are installed by licensed and trained contractors that attend Bomanite training events held regularly throughout the USA.

Bomanite of Oklahoma Design Center Exterior show yard
Exterior show yard

This training focused on specialty exposed aggregate systems with some aspects of imprinted concrete incorporated with the exposed finishes. Bomanite Revealed, Sandscape, Alloy and Bomacron with a Refined Sandscape finish were constructed. Furthermore, two mockups associated with upcoming projects were constructed to be viewed by the specifying architect.

Bands of glass, layers of stone, muted flakes of mica and sparkling mirror chips – any and all aggregate options were explored. The Alloy System utilized two aggregate blends along with Bomanite Integral Color and Bomanite Color Hardeners to achieve a unique broadcasted finish. Revealed was constructed with all recycled glass in a light reflective finish making it a great option for LEED projects. Bands of various blue shaded glass were broadcast through a very soft gray palette of mixed glass aggregate, exposed through a specialized environmentally friendly chemical etching process.

Bomanite of Oklahoma Design Center Training and Exterior show yard sample development. Bomacron imprinted concrete - Shifting Sand Textured
Bomacron imprinted concrete – Shifting Sand textured

The Bomacron pours were remarkable in that they simulated the meandering patterns of river washed bedrock achieved with Erosion Series Shifting Sand imprinting tools. Chemically etch to expose the fine quartz sands held within the Bomanite Color Hardener the entire surface was transformed to a Sandscape Refined finish perfect for the texture of the stone it simulated.

Bomanite Sandscape with Bomanite Concrete Graphics. Training and Exterior show yard sample development
Bomanite Graphics in Sandscape finished concrete

Bomanite Sandscape was cast using the proprietary Bomanite process and utilized Bomanite Concrete Graphics “Gears” to develop a unique pattern of interlocking wheels.  Crisp in pattern and accurate in detail, the Gears created a one of a kind panel of Sandscape with remarkably uniform sand exposure enhanced with Bomanite Integral Color.

The concrete panels used in the training are now part of an exterior display that is being cultivated outside the comprehensive concrete design center that Bomanite of Oklahoma is cultivating at their office. Open for consultation with prior notice, the samples and displays are available to specifiers as an aid in the decorative concrete color and texture selection process.

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