Bomanite of Oklahoma expands its design center sample displays

Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico sample board seen in design center

Where can you see over 200 unique samples of decorative cast in place concrete finishes and colors? The Bomanite of Oklahoma Design Center is where. The comprehensive selection  is readily viewable with the services of an experienced contractor to answer any questions related to the applications associated with each sample.

Bomanite of Oklahoma City Design Center Samples and Literature
Design Center

The Bomanite samples are color coordinated to the sales sheet and other literature associated  with the finishes represented. Specifications for each process are available online along with the technical bulletins and SDS sheets for the products utilized in each system. Take away samples are available with additional samples stocked in Bomanite’s Denver Colorado manufacturing facility for quick shipment to your offices. Custom samples are available when requested by Bomanite licensees with each sample cast using processes  that are similar to how the concrete is constructed in the field.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate samples and sizes
Design Center

Some very unique finishes are now available for viewing in Oklahoma. The new Bomanite Antico process is on display with 32 standard colors represented and customs available. 16 Alloy samples with particles of exposed recycled mirror glass and reflective mineral aggregates along with 96 individual blends of Revealed encapsulating recycled glass, marble and granite aggregates in a variety of colored concrete substrates. Sandscape samples with a variety of Integral Color bases and the flagship Patene Artectura product Chemical Stain is available for viewing as well.

Bomanite of Oklahoma City Design Center
Exterior Showyard

Of course there are the 60 standard Bomanite colors on display for your next decorative concrete project be it exposed or imprinted. The wide offering of Bomanite imprinting tools and stamps comprised of a number of textures and patterns can be viewed both in a sample format along with the actual tool used to cast the concrete. Consult with Bomanite of Oklahoma on which pattern and process is best suited for your specification.

Bomanite of Oklahoma City Design Center exterior Showyard
Exterior Showyard

Identify the colors and textures in a concise fashion that you can place on your drawings and plans. Secure a sample you can reference to your general contractor. Review your drawings for correct joint placement and design parameters that meet ACI guidelines. Request a referee sample be constructed to be used as a standard of quality during construction.  The utilization of the Bomanite of Oklahoma Design Center can make your next specification and associated project go smoothly with the final product being a source of pride rather than a source of conflict.

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