Bomanite of Oklahoma embraces Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Concrete Systems a myriad of decorative aggregates
Exposed Aggregate

Bomanite, the nation’s leader in exposed aggregate concrete finishes, is now being installed in the Oklahoma City region by Bomanite of Oklahoma. As a long term installer of Bomanite imprinted concrete systems, Bomanite of Oklahoma embraced the specialty exposed aggregate concrete world in 2015. From limestone to glass through porcelain and mica; a myriad of decorative aggregates are now available for your decorative concrete projects. White concrete? Black? Blue? All the colors of the rainbow are possible with Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems. Pool decks and patios, plazas and entries, residential through commercial there is a system for all exterior applications.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Sandscape Concrete
Exposed Aggregate

Try Bomanite Sandscape – the all purpose fine exposed aggregate finish that resembles carefully brush blasted concrete with more uniform exposure and without the hassle of open air sandblasting. Earth tone colored and engineered for large scale projects, the finish could be considered the absolute best concrete finish available on the marketplace to date.

Sandscape is also available in a Refined option – a lightly exposed, less textural version of its big brother. The concrete is first covered with Bomanite’s polymer modified color hardener and allowed to harden with small quartz aggregates then exposed through a chemical etching process.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Refined gives more design options
Exposed Aggregate

What about Bomanite Alloy? Seeded or broadcasted aggregates bound in engineered lightfast blends of hardened aggregates and cements, Alloy is a very versatile finish with endless design options. Encapsulating a broad range of aggregates from fine mirror glass or recycled metal slag through white oxides and mica flakes, Alloy creates a tapestry of colors and textures limited only by the imagination.

Bomanite Revealed is the premium exposed aggregate system. Hard to bind to aggregates in high concentration are blended with an engineered mortar and applied to the surface of concrete the same day its poured. Ideal for high end installations requiring a uniform aggregate exposure combined with hard to achieve colors make Revealed the hallmark of high end exposed concrete.

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