Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Transforms Tower Courtyard

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View of walkway and stairs of Bomanite Sandscape Texture decorative concrete featured in the courtyard and stairways at 800 5th Ave in Seattle, WA, installed by Belarde Company.

In the heart of the Central Business District in Seattle, WA, 800 5th Ave, a 42-story, 935,243 square foot, Class A tower, previously known as Bank of America Fifth Avenue Plaza, dominates its portion of the landscape and the skyline.  It is the tenth-tallest building in Seattle with construction completed in 1981, an era when high-rise buildings were supposed to make you feel a little bit intimidated and in awe.  The building and courtyard required renovation to transform them into inviting spaces where people feel encouraged to linger, dine, meet, and collaborate.

Bank of America picked Sellen Construction Company, INC as the main contractor and Olson Kundig was selected as Project Designer.  Because of their proven track record of excellence and professionalism, Bomanite Licensee Belarde Company was chosen to install the decorative concrete on the courtyard and stairways.  Belarde Company collaborated with all stakeholders and Bomanite Sandscape® Texture with “black” integral color was picked for the project.  To get the project dark enough for the end user, Belarde Company used Bomanite Black Con-Color to stain the entire project prior to sealing with a clear color enhancing acrylic sealer.  Belarde was forced to use maximum 7-yard loads due to the steep hill that concrete trucks and line pumps had to work off, a unique challenge created by Seattle’s downtown topography.

Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Transforms Terrains

View of courtyard with bench and seating areas of Bomanite Sandscape Texture decorative concrete featured in the courtyard and stairways at 800 5th Ave in Seattle, WA, installed by Belarde Company.

Bomanite Sandscape® Texture, part of the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems, is crafted using a unique blend of concrete mixtures, additives, and decorative mineral aggregates to create a finish that closely resembles evenly sandblasted concrete or fine “quarried stone”.  This technique usually involves integrating Bomanite Integral Color and may include specific natural sands like slag, granite, quartz, or limestone, chosen for their regional availability and quality.  Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is also compatible with topically applied products like Bomanite Con-Color and Bomanite Chemical Stain.

Additionally, the Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is offered in the “Refined” Series, which, while similar to the conventional Sandscape, features fine quartz aggregates embedded in Bomanite Color Hardener.  This creates a “sugar cube finish,” where the concrete’s texture resembles that of sugar cubes.  The Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Refined Series comes in various standard and custom options, including eco-friendly light-reflective formulas that reduce the heat island effect without needing white cement.

Ideal for both new constructions and significant renovations, Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is typically installed as a full-depth slab on grade or as thick, un-bonded toppings over 3 inches thick on membrane applications.  The success of the final product heavily depends on the quality of aggregate selection and the precision in placing and finishing.

Bomanite Licensees Leverage Training and Expertise

Bomanite Sandscape Texture decorative concrete featured in the courtyard and stairways at 800 5th Ave in Seattle, WA, installed by Belarde Company.

Founded in 1998 as the Belarde Company, this firm’s connection with Bomanite dates to the mid-1980s, when John Belarde, its owner, was part of his father’s concrete construction business. The Belarde Company, serving Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, is recognized as a leading provider of architectural concrete for major commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest, known for its commitment to quality, advanced technical expertise, and safety on the job site.  The team at Belarde Company collaborates with owners, architects, landscape architects, and builders to grasp the unique aspects of each project, crafting concrete solutions that align with cost, quality, schedule, and design goals.  In the construction phase, the Belarde team’s concrete experts focus meticulously on site and formwork preparation, applying Bomanite processes with precision to ensure exceptional quality in every project.


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