Bomanite Polished Concrete Crafted Flooring

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Buildings have a life span, but more importantly they often have an earlier shelf life, as was the case for two elementary schools in Central Texas.  The Del Valle ISD (Independent School District) is a public educational district located in the Del Valle area, which is an unincorporated part of Travis County, TX.  This district provides educational services to a significant portion of southeast Travis County.  The district encompasses several incorporated communities, including Creedmoor, Webberville, the majority of Mustang Ridge, and some sections of Austin.  In conjunction with the 2019 voter approved Bond proposition, and an architecture schematic subsequently created by Pfluger Architects, Del Valle ISD contracted American Constructors as the General Contractor to demolish and replace two of the district’s oldest campuses, Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary and Smith Elementary.  American Constructors selected Texas Bomanite to install the decorative concrete in both schools.

Texas Bomanite was asked by American Constructors to provide over 70,000 SF of Diamond Polished, Dyed, and stamped concrete throughout the elementary school for each of the schools.  The project scope and timeline took three months to complete and included an initial mockup for each school prior to installation, 1500 grit polished concrete with Salt and Pepper aggregate exposure, a dyed concrete geometric design throughout the floors, and a school logo unique to each school.  The colors used for the geometric floor design were Sweet Potato, Black Orchid, Pineapple, Blueberry, Pine Green, and Turquoise.  The decorative concrete chosen for both of the installations were Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems using Bomanite VitraFlor and Bomanite Patène Teres, Bomanite Toppings Systems using Bomanite Patène Artectura, and Bomanite Imprint Systems.

Many Systems Many Satisfied Stakeholders

The Bomanite Custom Polishing System’s patented technology, when combined with Bomanite’s renowned color and craftsmanship, results in the finest concrete floor finish in the industry.  The process involves a polish that chemically bonds with the concrete, locking in the color, while the mechanical application seals the surface, preventing contaminants from penetrating.  One application, permanent results.  Lustrous color, protected by a tight, beautiful sheen.

The Bomanite Custom Polishing System is offered in a range of finishes, from satin to gloss, and provides outstanding slip, abrasion, and impact resistance.  Surfaces treated with this system are also water and oil-repellent, as well as dust-proof.  Unlike coatings with a limited lifespan, this finish does not necessitate replacement, recoating, or waxing.  Its application is safe for the environment, being non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless.  Additionally, maintaining the surface’s shine is easy with routine cleaning, making it user-friendly.

The Bomanite Custom Polishing System VitraFlor, even when applied to gray concrete, can yield remarkable results.  This system, which is the foundation for all other Bomanite systems, can be used on both new and existing uncolored concrete.  With Bomanite VitraFlor, Bomanite fulfills its promise of making all concrete both functional and fashionable.  The process includes initial grinding, hardening with Bomanite Stabilizer Pro, honing, and polishing, capped off with protection from Bomanite VitraFinish.  Of all the Bomanite Custom Polishing systems, Bomanite VitraFlor is the most cost-effective option, mainly intended for new construction or extensive renovations.

Meanwhile, the Bomanite Patène Teres system is designed to color fully cured concrete during the polishing process, using Bomanite Chemical Stains and Bomanite Concrete Dyes. Starting with a base of uncolored gray concrete, which may include Bomanite Integral Color or Bomanite Color Hardener applied during placement, the floor undergoes grinding, staining, or dyeing, and then follows the standard Bomanite VitraFlor System process. The key advantage of Bomanite Patène Teres lies in its ability to introduce a wide spectrum of topical colors to concrete. When combined with skilled saw cutting techniques for patterns or designs, this process can elevate concrete to a form of art, offering a range from simple monochromatic tones to bright, vibrant hues and a variety of finishes from urban sophistication to varied, rustic styles.  Like Bomanite VitraFlor, Bomanite Patène Teres is primarily aimed at new construction or major renovation projects.

Bomanite Imprint Systems provide cast-in-place concrete flooring and paving that not only enhance the architectural appeal of any project but also possess the resilience to withstand heavy traffic and various environmental conditions.  With a history spanning over fifty years, these systems offer a vast selection of colors, textures, and patterns, all at a cost significantly lower than traditional materials.  Boasting over 100 patterns and numerous custom tooling possibilities, Bomanite Imprint Systems comes with an extensive range of coloring choices. They emulate natural textures such as slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, and used brick, allowing for creative and diverse design options.

Texas Bomanite Best-In-Class

For Del Valle ISD, Texas Bomanite has once again proven why they are the company of choice for concrete craftsmanship expertise to provide decorative concrete for any school.  The overall results of these two projects far exceeded the expectations of all involved parties.  The ultimate beneficiaries of the work done by Texas Bomanite are the student body of each respective school.  Currently, in one of the fastest growing areas of the state, Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary has 93% minority student enrollment and 91% economically disadvantaged students.  For Smith Elementary, the numbers are 80% and 84% respectively.  These students and their future successors deserve the beautiful environment in which to learn and thrive that Texas Bomanite has built for them.


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