Sun Makes Bomanite Modena Monolithic Decorative Concrete Shimmer And Glisten

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This decorative concrete floor in Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems is designed to look like a shoreline using Bomanite Renaissance and a winding shimmering middle area using Bomanite Modena Monolithic.

The goal of the Infinite Campus decorative concrete indoor flooring project was to emulate the feeling of the beach or shoreline on the perimeters, with a winding middle area which would shimmer and glisten like shells and sea glass in the sun.  The owner and architect were looking for a free-flowing design that would complement existing epoxy terrazzo and carpet while looking natural, be low maintenance and have a highly polished sheen.  The successful choice was installed by Licensee Concrete Arts using Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems with Bomanite Modena Monolithic for the middle and Bomanite Renaissance for the shoreline.

Cafeteria and Common areas have beautiful decorative concrete floor in Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems using Bomanite Modena Monolithic and Bomanite Renaissance.

The two unique appearances and feels were accomplished by first pouring the two perimeter pours of Bomanite Renaissance utilizing integral color to achieve the desired shade of concrete.  The choice, appropriately, was Beach Sand. Then the Modena Monolithic portion was poured to complete the winding area between. The soft gray color of the Bomanite Modena Monolithic was enhanced with black and blue natural aggregates blended with blue recycled glass.  Also used was a Snow White color mixed with a Cool Gray to provide tone.  Mirrored glass, sea shells and mother of pearl were also hand-seeded to create the shimmer and iridescence.

Close up of aggreegates and glass in this gorgeous decorative concrete floor in Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems using Bomanite Modena Monolithic on the left and Bomanite Renaissance in a Deep Grind on the right.

Bomanite Modena Monolithic is a poured in place monolithically bonded concrete overlay utilizing integral colorants blended with engineered cements and aggregates.  Bomanite Renaissance Deep Grind is a poured in place colored concrete slab with selected aggregates ready mixed and finished to receive a deep grind and polish.  Once both areas were placed and sufficiently hardened, Concrete Arts began the grinding and polishing process. This exposed the beauty of the glass and aggregate while providing a low maintenance, durable surface with great sheen and light reflectivity.  When the sun shines it evokes that happy feeling like a Day At The Beach.


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