Bomanite of Oklahoma hosts a specialized Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Training

Furthering their commitment to the Decorative concrete industry, Bomanite of Oklahoma has continued to invest in its human resources and product offerings. Strategically positioned in the Oklahoma City area, Bomanite of Oklahoma hosted an exclusive training event sponsored by the Bomanite Company. All Bomanite systems are installed by licensed and trained contractors that attend Bomanite … Read more

Bomanite of Oklahoma introduces the Bomanite Antico Process to the world!!

Absolutely unique in appearance and construction, concrete surface treated with the Antico process take on a completely different look and feel than ordinary concrete. Similar to the natural erosion and aging process that stone is subjected to over centuries of time, the Antico process can age concrete surfaces in a matter of hours. Used in … Read more

Bomanite of Oklahoma expands its design center sample displays

Where can you see over 200 unique samples of decorative cast in place concrete finishes and colors? The Bomanite of Oklahoma Design Center is where. The comprehensive selection  is readily viewable with the services of an experienced contractor to answer any questions related to the applications associated with each sample. The Bomanite samples are color coordinated … Read more

Bomanite of Oklahoma embraces Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems

Bomanite, the nation’s leader in exposed aggregate concrete finishes, is now being installed in the Oklahoma City region by Bomanite of Oklahoma. As a long term installer of Bomanite imprinted concrete systems, Bomanite of Oklahoma embraced the specialty exposed aggregate concrete world in 2015. From limestone to glass through porcelain and mica; a myriad of … Read more